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Network Solutions

Managing your Networking infrastructure is no easy task.  There is no room for error and you need dependable products and services to keep your Network up and running efficiently.


We continually meet and exceed the necessary standards for Networking competencies and have worked with many companies to develop and improve their Networking architecture.

Our typical client has 5-75 workstations, and is a manufacturer or professional services firm. They depend heavily on e-mail, the Internet, and their Computer Network for running a successful business.


All Around Computers will design and support the technologies used to run your business.

Our Business Solutions are considered bullet proof protection against lost Data and Network down time. Networking takes a very unique approach to ensuring the long term availability to your company’s Data. One component of this strategy is to place a fully managed BDR (Backup/Data Recovery) device into your Network environment. This BDR takes a snapshot of 100% of the information on your server or multiple servers every 30 minutes. These snapshots are automatically sent offsite.

In the event of a fire, flood, or theft a new BDR device with all of your company’s up to date data will be shipped from our nearest co-lo with 72 hours.

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