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IT Services

As an extension of your team, we are available to help with the questions that come up on a daily basis. We are also a resource to assist with long-term technology planning for your company. Our services ensure that your business has the support it needs to maintain employee productivity, properly back-up Data and keep your Network secure.


All Around Computers has a unique approach to technology support, that gives your company unrestricted access to the services you need.

The program is designed for mature organizations for whom the most important criterion is long-term cost management, the program is a service agreement in which all the functions associated with maintaining your Network are provided for a stable, predictable fee. This makes for an easy budget for your yearly IT expenditures.


All maintenance tasks are performed on a regular schedule, with monitoring in place to detect - and correct - any deviations. You also have access to best in class support - a responsive help desk, whose advanced tools offer you the comfort of access to support anywhere you are, along with strategic advice, helping you chart the complex path to keeping your technology relevant and useful to the business while managing its costs.

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