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 Disaster Recovery

Data recovery process involves salvaging Data from inaccessible, formatted, damaged, failed, or wrecked primary storage media where Data cannot be accessed normally using the operating system.

All Around Computer Recovery Services are one of the few Data Recovery companies that specializes in complex Server Raid Data Recovery, we utilize our own in house Proprietary Data Recovery software to retrieve any and all corrupted data on the drives. Although there is some confusion as to the term Data Recovery it can also be the process of recovering deleted information from a storage media for forensic purposes.


If you’ve suffered a hard disk drive failure, computer or PC crash, and/or Data loss, wait no further, as our engineers will work around the clock retrieving back every bit you have lost, in the shortest amount of time physically possible.

We’ve grown our business consistently thanks to our staff’s knowledge of computer forensics, Data Recovery and Computer System Security.

We invest heavily in research and development in order to retain our position as a  leader in Data Recovery Services. 

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