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VoIP PhoneSolutions

VoIP phone is a device that uses the internet instead of a pair of direct connect copper wires. VoIP phone systems give you almost unlimited options for mobility, interoperability, and connectivity.

Hard phones are like traditional phones in that they sit on your desk or in a conference room. You can use hard phones for:

  • Direct calls

  • Conference calls

  • Accessing voicemail

  • Communications through handsets, headsets, Bluetooth, and speakerphones


Softphones are virtual phones that live in an app on a device (such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone) and can also be used much like a hard phone. 

VoIP’s key features like:

  • Easy install and setup

  • Easy scaling

  • Phone numbers that follow you and your employees

  • The technology supports older technology

  • Wide availability and economical implementation

  • Simple integration with other software applications.

  • Range of device options

  • Seamless set up on existing internet connections

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